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Tip of the Day – Improve Cold Call Skills

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Cold CallingJust recently, Advantages magazine added a great new section called Reboot! where experts offer advice to distributors on how to re-energize their sales. This month’s feature focuses on how one sales rep, Jack Foley of Proforma Team Foley, was able to break through on cold calls and have great success. The article breaks down how he did, an action plan, stats and what role business cards can play in cold calling. It’s a quick, informative read that I recommend to anyone who dreads this task, but who also aspires to perfect it.

Enjoy! And in the meantime, here are 5 expert tips to succeed with cold calling:

  • Make it a warm call; do some research first (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google search, etc.). In most cases you will have a mutual connection or common interest.
    – Joe Sale (real name), DENT Marketing Solutions, DENTmarketingsolutions.com
  • Understand your product inside and out and believe in it (or get another job).
    – Stephen Roberts, marketing manager, timberwolfcorp.com
  • Shift your perspective to the fact that you are a salesperson and it is OK to sell. The world is driven by sales, and nothing happens until something gets sold.
    – Connie Kadansky, sales call reluctance coach and trainer, exceptionalsales.com
  • Figure out how your ad specialty items help your customers. Do they help grow sales, build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness? You should lead with how you help your customers because your prospects most likely have the same challenges that your customers do.
    – Wendy Weiss, “The Queen of Cold Calling,” queenofcoldcalling.com 
  • If you get passed to someone else, let them know that you briefly spoke to someone else who suggested you contact them (Hi, Nancy, this is Brandon with XYZ Company. I just briefly spoke with Tad Wilson in marketing, who thought you would be the right person to talk to for what we do. We specialize in …).
    – Brandon Pipkin, sales trainer and author, 21for21.com

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  1. Barbara Nebert Says:

    I appreciate the helpful hints since I’m newly returning to the advertising specialty industry in the sales realm.

    Thursday February 23, 2012

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