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Poll Results – Are You LinkedIn?

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LinkedInWe’ve closed out ASI Central’s latest poll, and again I am a bit surpised by the results.

On January 3, we asked our users the following simple yes/no question: Have you ever used LinkedIn to get sales leads?

Not a salesperson by trade, but fairly familiar with the social network LinkedIn, I didn’t believe that we’d get more than 25% of respondents saying that they have gotten sales leads there. But alas, the percentage was more than one-third (35%, 155 votes). For a social network whose primary goal is professional networking, it sure seems like a great place to mine for sales!

Here’s the complete breakdown, including chart: (TOTAL VOTES: 437)

  • Yes (155 votes, 35%)
  • No (282 votes, 65%)

LinkedIn Poll Results

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  1. Dave G. Says:

    Wow! I must admit, I’m equally amazed at this stat.

    Wednesday February 8, 2012
  2. Rick Ornberg Says:

    A customer in Madison WI did a Google search for push pins, arriving at a suppliers’ site. They don’t sell to end users, but remembered us from some Linked In postings and that we were also in Wisconsin. They dropped us an email and had a nice sale of several hundred push pins that afternoon! Go Linked In!

    Wednesday February 8, 2012
  3. Vince Driscoll Says:

    Rick, that’s great! Good for you.

    Thursday February 9, 2012
  4. Charlie Hernandez National Sales manager Says:

    it really works well!!! by the way we are currenly looking for multiline reps to be regional sales managers in 3 regions in he U S A and canada call me 713 645 3600 or send your resume to nationalsalesmanager2012@gmail.com

    Saturday February 11, 2012
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