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Fastest-Growing Ad Specialty Companies

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From Counselor PromoGram:

Is Your Company One Of The Fastest Growers?

Counselor is on the hunt for the fastest-growing companies in the ad specialty market. Did your company increase its revenues double-digits in 2011? We want to hear from you. Enter Counselor’s Fastest-Growing Companies (both suppliers and distributors can enter) awards by clicking here and filling out the online form. 

The top 10 Fastest-Growing Suppliers and Distributors will be honored in the May issue of Counselor. Click here to enter now.

So what are you waiting for? Enter the awards now! To see the fastest-growing companies in the ad specialty industry from the past five years, click here. Below are the #1 fastest-growing suppliers and distributors in the industry for the past five years, along with their % of growth.


  • Distributor: Mediacation asi/267029 (400% growth)
  • Supplier: U.S. Flash & technologies asi/93131 (1,002% growth)


  • Distributor: The Kanga Group asi/238906 (559% growth)
  • Supplier: Visstun asi/93975 (922% growth)


  • Distributor: Touchstone asi/345631 (273% growth)
  • Supplier: eGrips Technology asi/54596 (1,700% growth)


  • Distributor: Level 2 Sportswear Inc. asi/252696 (275% growth)
  • Supplier: Impressline asi/62479 (500% growth)


  • Distributor: Gimmees.com, asi/207070 (902% growth)
  • Supplier: Source Abroad Inc., asi/88242 (1,220% growth)


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