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6 Tips to Succeed with LinkedIn

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LinkedInI gotta admit, of all the social networks that I’m part of, LinkedIn is the one I engage in the least. Sure, I check it from time to time, have over 100 connections (most of whom I’m not even sure how I know), but I’ve never really scratched the surface of this social network.

And according to Counselor’s January edition of “Tech Tactics,” that’s a huge missed opportunity.

Because not only is LinkedIn a powerful resource for connecting and networking with peers, but it’s also apparently a vast repository for sales leads. So don’t miss next month’s “Tech Tactics” on Counselormag.com, and in the meantime, here are six expert-recommended steps to maximizing the networking and selling power of LinkedIn.

  • Step #1 – Complete & Optimize Your Profile
  • Step #2 – Get Recommendations
  • Step #3 – Search & Connect
  • Step #4 – Create & Join Groups
  • Step #5 – Explore Applications
  • Step #6 – Upgrade Your Account

Now, excuse me while I go re-familiarize myself with my own LinkedIn account.


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