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Poll Results – Best-Selling T-Shirt Color for 2012

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Michael Jackson wrote a song about them, television began in this way, and there’s even a famous cookie named after them? What am I talking about? It’s the colors black and white! And not only are they famous for these reasons, but apparently those are the colors our users believe will be the best-selling for T-shirts in 2012.

On Dec. 2, we posed the following poll question on ASI Central: What do you think will be the best-selling T-shirt color in 2012?

Winning by a mere 15 votes, black was voted on most by our users (36%, 96 votes) with white coming in second (31%, 81 votes). Blue, the color I believed would be the top vote-getter, came in third (12%, 31 votes). Here’s the complete breakdown, including chart: (TOTAL VOTES: 265)

  • Black (96 votes, 36%)
  • White (81 votes, 31%)
  • Blue (31 votes, 12%)
  • Green (26 votes, 10%)
  • Red (19 votes, 7%)
  • Yellow (12 votes, 5%)


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