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10 QR Code Tips

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Mobile MarketingIf the social media marketing pundits are correct and the wave of the future really is mobile — listen to what former Facebook employee Randi Zuckerberg had to say to ASI Radio about the future of social media — then it’s time to get up to speed with your smartphone.

This month’s Advantages magazine has an entire section devoted mastering mobile marketing, including 10 tips on building your knowledge of QR codes. Check out this month’s Advantages University section, and in the meantime here are the 10 tips to whet your appetite!

  1. Creating a QR code doesn’t cost any money. There are several free sites – QR Stuff, Kaywa and Mobilefish, to name just a few – that will turn your URL into a QR code in a matter of seconds.
  2. No licenses are required to use QR codes.
  3. Currently, most smartphones can scan codes as small as .75 inches.
  4. While QR codes are usually printed in black and white, other color combinations can work as well.
  5. Roughly 62% of people have scanned a QR code two or more times.
  6. QR-code usage is highest among people between the ages of 25 and 54. Early data shows women scan more QR codes than men by a two-to-one margin.
  7. Phones developed by Apple currently scan the majority of QR codes (68%), followed by Android and then BlackBerry devices.
  8. Linking a QR code to a Flash site is something to avoid. Most smartphones can’t display Flash animations.
  9. If your goal is to link someone to a URL and you want to track the number of scans, using Web service bit.ly may be the best option. After someone scans a QR code, bit.ly can redirect a visitor to a target URL. The reporting tool offered by bit.ly then allows you to track visits via your QR code.
  10. Explain what the QR code is, how to read it and where it will take the user. Use a directive like, “Scan this QR code with your smartphone using a tag reader to be entered for a chance to win $500 in promotional merchandise.” If room allows, provide a backup URL in case the recipient has problems scanning.


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