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Poll Results – Social Network Usage Per Week

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So, just how much time do you dedicate to online social networking per week?

That’s the question we posed to our users in the latest ASI Central poll, and the results were a little shocking (well, at least to me!). Of the 365 total responses, over 40% (151 votes) said they spent less than 1 hour a week in the social networks. Considering the enormous popularity of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, not only with the new generation and Millennials, but with Gen X’ers and even Baby Boomers, I was a bit taken aback that this was the most popular answer. The next most popular answer, 2-5 hours a week, was selected over 20% of the time (74 votes). The most extreme answer, more than 10 hours a week, came in fourth at about 12%. Here’s the breakdown, along with the chart:

  • Less than an hour (151 votes, 41%)
  • 1-2 hours (68 votes, 19%)
  • 2-5 hours (74 votes, 20%)
  • 5-10 hours (30 votes, 8%)
  • More than 10 hours (42 votes, 12%)

How Much Time Per Week Do You Dedicate to Online Social Networking? (365 Responses)


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