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ASICentral Mobile

Filed under: site updates

ASICentral MobileLike the band The Who, ASICentral.com is going mobile!

Now from any smartphone of your choice, you can access some of the features of the full site in a simple, easy-to-read and — most importantly — quick-loading mobile site. Just go to http://m.asicentral.com and you’ll have the following mobile-friendly features available from just about any place you can get a signal:

  • Latest Industry News
  • Find a Supplier
  • Make Money
  • Education
  • Member Benefits
  • Contact Us

Looking to access asicentral.com from a tablet like the iPad? Try the full site first — we find it works best in a tablet environment.

Go mobile!

Oh, and any time I can fit a cheesy reference to a great band like The Who, I’m definitely gonna take that liberty.


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