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Business Strategy Tips from Counselor Magazine

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Counselor How-to MinuteYouTube is an amazing social network. Not only do I frequent it for the music and viral videos (both funny and bizarre), but I often use it as an educational resource for visual tips on how something should be done. Example: When I couldn’t figure out how to play the guitar riffs on Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good”, I simply YouTube’d it and found this.

There at my fingertips, tons of video clips for people just like me looking for quick tips on how to play a familiar guitar riff. Quick, comprehensive … brilliant! Sure, reading a guitar tab on paper is nice, but *seeing* it in action adds so much more. From brewing the best beer to changing your brake pads, YouTube is a vast resource of how-to knowledge and one of the first places I turn when I need instructions.

Which brings me to the latest video from ASI TV, the “Counselor’s How-to Minute,” which we’re now uploading to YouTube. Billed as “a business strategy video that will focus on how distributor firms can overcome a specific challenge,” this video is perfect for those looking for quick tips on how to succeed in the industry. Thus far, the Counselor How-to Minute has covered three topics:

Watch these videos if you want some quick advice in any of these areas … and stay tuned for more business strategy tips from Counselor!


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