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3 Tips to Managing Part-Timers

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Hiring Part-Time HelpFor some employers, just the thought of hiring part-time help can be cringeworthy. The perception that part-timers aren’t as committed and loyal as full-timers seems to be the popular concensus among employers, but why?

This month’s Wearables‘ Business Toolkit item titled “Manning the Clock” explains the stigma of part-time help, but also shows how it can be used strategically to reap benefits. So don’t miss this month’s edition, and in the meantime here are 3 great tips to managing part-timers:

Nancy Mobley, CEO of Dedham, MA-based Insight Performance Inc., an HR consulting firm, offers tips for managing part-timers: 

  1. Establish A Policy: “Your policy should address things like how you handle sick time, paid time off, jury leave and telecommuting for your part-timers,” says Mobley, noting this policy should comply with state laws, which vary. “It’s important to be consistent and treat all your part-timers the same.”
  2. Write A Job Description: This ADA-compliant job description should cover expected hours, number of days the employee will be in the office and position requirements/duties.  
  3. Be Inclusive: To keep part-timers feeling like a part of the team, include them in company-wide communications, have them attend company meetings and keep them informed of decisions that will affect them.


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