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ASI Halloween Photos

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It may be Monday here at ASI, but it’s certainly not business as usual! Halloween has brought out the creative juices of some of our staff … just check out these photos! (And if your company is having an office party, don’t forget to enter the Counselor Best Places to Work Halloween contest — you could win $$!!).

Kate and Pippa Middleton

Krista and Suzanne as Kate and Pippa Middleton.

Go-Go Dancer

Karen gettin’ her retro on.


Patty’s big pimpin’.


Liz goes hippy for a day.

Wizard of Oz

The staff at Cafe B takes a walk down the Yellow Brick Road.

Supplier Sales Rep of the Year on ASI Radio

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Supplier Sales Rep of the YearFor the second year in a row, Supplier Global Resource magazine will not only be announcing the results from its Supplier Sales Rep of the Year contest, but the announcement will be made live on ASI Radio!

Last year at this time, SGR Editor Michele Bell used the Internet radio platform to present AddVenture’s Brad White with the first-ever award, culled from hundreds of distributor votes to determine the top player in the industry. Humble and gracious, Brad accepted the award while giving ASI Radio a live interview. This year, we’re planning the same experience.

Stay tuned on Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 10:30 a.m. EST when Michele and the rest of the ASI Radio gang will reveal the results of this year’s contest.

Good luck to all the supplier hopefuls!

ASICentral Mobile

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ASICentral MobileLike the band The Who, ASICentral.com is going mobile!

Now from any smartphone of your choice, you can access some of the features of the full site in a simple, easy-to-read and — most importantly — quick-loading mobile site. Just go to http://m.asicentral.com and you’ll have the following mobile-friendly features available from just about any place you can get a signal:

  • Latest Industry News
  • Find a Supplier
  • Make Money
  • Education
  • Member Benefits
  • Contact Us

Looking to access asicentral.com from a tablet like the iPad? Try the full site first — we find it works best in a tablet environment.

Go mobile!

Oh, and any time I can fit a cheesy reference to a great band like The Who, I’m definitely gonna take that liberty.

Save the Date – Randi Zuckerberg to be on ASI Radio

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Randi ZuckerbergThis just in! Facebook’s former Director of Market Development Randi Zuckerberg will be a special guest on ASI Radio on Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 10:30 a.m. EST. Zuckerberg, who will be a speaking at The ASI Show New York in May of 2012, has a wealth of marketing experience and will be sharing her thoughts on everything from building a strong brand to the future of social media

According to the ASI Show website:

“Named No. 45 on Hollywood Reporter’s list of “Digital Power Players,” Randi Zuckerberg knows a thing or two about running a family business — and building a global brand that influences how we live, vote, organize and work. As Facebook’s former director of market development, and sister of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the Harvard grad led Facebook’s U.S. election and international politics strategy, in addition to managing media partnerships with heavy-hitters like ABC News and CNN.”

So save the date and don’t miss this show!

Poll Results – T-shirts Rule!

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In our latest ASICentral.com poll, we posed the question: My top product sold in 2011 so far has been and offered our users several different answer options including Other. It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the T-shirt, that good ol’ staple apparel, was the most popular response. Just how popular, however, is where I was a little surprised.

Of the 276 responses, an overwhelming 55% (151) chose T-shirts/Polos. The next closest — Other — had just 34 responses. Here is the breakdown of responses:

  • T-shirts/Polos (151 – 55%)
  • Other (34 – 12%)
  • Pens (32 – 11%)
  • Drinkware (19 – 7%)
  • Bags (18 – 6%)
  • Eco-friendly (8 – 3%)
  • Desk Accessories (8 – 3%)
  • Electronics (6 – 2%)

And here’s the graphic:

Poll Results

Introducing Counselor’s Tech Tactics

Filed under: site updates

Tech TacticsStarting with October’s issue, Counselor magazine will be offering a new department to it’s print and online magazine called Tech Tactics.

Billed as a “hot-to guide to improving business technology,” Tech Tactics will not only provide great tips and advice each month on specific topics, but Q&A sessions with industry experts, case studies, social network feedback and online exclusives like the Counselor How-To Minute and monthly chat.

This month’s topic: How To Succeed With Online Video

So, if you’re looking to expand your business with video marketing you don’t want to miss this installment. In the meantime, here are the top 6 steps to developing quality videos online:

  • Step 1: Develop A Strategy
  • Step 2: Shoot For Success
  • Step 3: Get Equipment
  • Step 4: Present Like A Pro
  • Step 5: Transfer & Edit
  • Step 6: Upload & Share

For more Tech Tactics, click here.

Counselor’s 2nd Annual Halloween Contest

Filed under: contest

Is your company throwing the best Halloween Party in the industry? Is your office being taken over by ghosts, goblins and Snookies? Join Counselor’s Best Places to Work community for our 2nd-Annual Halloween Contest and you could win $100!

Go now to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BestPlacestowork to post your favorite pictures, stories and videos from your company’s Halloween outing. Plus, we’ll even feature the winning office in a story in an upcoming issue of Counselor magazine!

So what are you waiting for?! Enter now!

And for a look back to last year’s winner, click here.


Last year’s winner, CustomInk, as the cast of “Glee“.

Introducing Counselor’s Monthly Online Chat

Filed under: site updates, Video

Counselor ChatStarting Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 2 p.m. EST, Counselor magazine will begin hosting a monthly online chat (www.asicentral.com/counselorchat) where you can ask our editors any question you have regarding a topic. Chats will being promptly at 2 p.m. and last approximately an hour. After the chats are over, an archived transcript will be posted at the bottom of the page for you to access at your leisure.

This month’s topic: How To Succeed With Online Video

So if you’re looking for ways to succeed with video, join us on Tuesday at 2 p.m. and ask our experts like anything about online video — they’ll be ready to answer your questions and share their own experiences and case studies about video marketing.

Save the date and don’t miss this month’s live chat!

Business Strategy Tips from Counselor Magazine

Filed under: site updates, Video

Counselor How-to MinuteYouTube is an amazing social network. Not only do I frequent it for the music and viral videos (both funny and bizarre), but I often use it as an educational resource for visual tips on how something should be done. Example: When I couldn’t figure out how to play the guitar riffs on Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good”, I simply YouTube’d it and found this.

There at my fingertips, tons of video clips for people just like me looking for quick tips on how to play a familiar guitar riff. Quick, comprehensive … brilliant! Sure, reading a guitar tab on paper is nice, but *seeing* it in action adds so much more. From brewing the best beer to changing your brake pads, YouTube is a vast resource of how-to knowledge and one of the first places I turn when I need instructions.

Which brings me to the latest video from ASI TV, the “Counselor’s How-to Minute,” which we’re now uploading to YouTube. Billed as “a business strategy video that will focus on how distributor firms can overcome a specific challenge,” this video is perfect for those looking for quick tips on how to succeed in the industry. Thus far, the Counselor How-to Minute has covered three topics:

Watch these videos if you want some quick advice in any of these areas … and stay tuned for more business strategy tips from Counselor!

3 Tips to Managing Part-Timers

Filed under: Tip of the Day

Hiring Part-Time HelpFor some employers, just the thought of hiring part-time help can be cringeworthy. The perception that part-timers aren’t as committed and loyal as full-timers seems to be the popular concensus among employers, but why?

This month’s Wearables‘ Business Toolkit item titled “Manning the Clock” explains the stigma of part-time help, but also shows how it can be used strategically to reap benefits. So don’t miss this month’s edition, and in the meantime here are 3 great tips to managing part-timers:

Nancy Mobley, CEO of Dedham, MA-based Insight Performance Inc., an HR consulting firm, offers tips for managing part-timers: 

  1. Establish A Policy: “Your policy should address things like how you handle sick time, paid time off, jury leave and telecommuting for your part-timers,” says Mobley, noting this policy should comply with state laws, which vary. “It’s important to be consistent and treat all your part-timers the same.”
  2. Write A Job Description: This ADA-compliant job description should cover expected hours, number of days the employee will be in the office and position requirements/duties.  
  3. Be Inclusive: To keep part-timers feeling like a part of the team, include them in company-wide communications, have them attend company meetings and keep them informed of decisions that will affect them.

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