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Tip of the Day – 12 Ways to Boost Booth Traffic

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Trade Show BoothGreat tips from Successful Promotions Trend Report, vol. 65

Why do so many trade show booths fail to attract prospects? According to Trade Show and Event Marketing author Ruth P. Stevens, the reason is that marketers often assume show organizers are going to do all the work of attracting the right attendees.

No, just showing up and propping up a booth certainly isn’t going to entice quality visitors. You have to be an active participant in getting people to your booth. Here are 12 surefire ways to fill your trade show booth with bona-fide prospects.

  1. Get your own prospects
  2. Know where to exhibit
  3. Make your booth advertise itself
  4. Use a winning layout
  5. Attract quality traffic
  6. Give the right promotional gift
  7. Select and train booth personnel
  8. Get friendly with organizers
  9. Use technology to capture information
  10. Do something different
  11. Consider sponsorship opportunities
  12. Put Your Message Everywhere

For complete details of how to boost your booth traffic — as well as ideas case studies, monthy constest and more — go to the latest Successful Promotions Trend Report now.

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  1. Brooke Herring Says:

    Great info that I can share with many cleints that do trade shows – more traffic turns into more sales for me also.

    Thursday August 18, 2011

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