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Tip of the Day – 4 Ways to Secure Your Data

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DataAre you fanatical about protecting your data? You’re not alone. In fact, short of retinal scans many industry companies are going to great lengths — including finger-recognition technology and explosion-proof safes — just to protect their data, as well as their customer’s.

This year’s Counselor State of the Industry has a section on High-Tech Tactics that is chock full of great tech tips and advice, including four tips on how best to secure your data:

  1. Use A Layered Defense Model – Combine tough-to-crack passwords (uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers, in every one) with up-to-date antivirus software, operation system and application security patches as well as a strong firewall.
  2. Employ Encryption – Make sure all removable media and devices are encrypted.
  3. Click With Caution – Don’t ever open unexpected attachments or click on embedded links in e-mails. Also, never respond to unsolicited requests for information.
  4. Choose Wisely – Pick a hosting company and website designers that understand security.

For more information on securing your data — including four additional threats you want to be mindful of — check out this year’s Counselor State of the Industry.


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