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Nomads No More

Filed under: Best Places to Work Road Trip 2011

From Counselor’s three editors, as they hit the road for the 2011 Best Places to Work Summer Road Tour

Now that Joe, Melinda and Andy’s Excellent Adventure is over and our lives as nomads are returning to normal, I feel it’s time to reflect upon some of the highlights from the trip. Since we can’t print it all, here’s the top 10 list:

10. Awesome People. I can’t say more about the suppliers and distributors who hosted us. They were gracious, kind, nice and incredibly cool. They opened businesses for us on the weekend, gave us tours, answered our questions and fed us. Boy did they feed us. Without them this road trip would not have been nearly as awesome as it was.

9. Lost And Found. In the span of five minutes at the Hertz drop off in Dallas Andy lost, found, then lost and found again the charger for is cell phone. It was like he was having short term memory problems. And there was a bit of panic in his voice when he lost it the second time just standing there.

Melinda in Oklahoma8. Price’s Fried Chicken in Charlotte. We took a chance when we got food at a fried chicken joint we saw in a book Carole Seymour leant us. Best move we made because that chicken was crunchy on the outside and moist in the middle and not greasy at all. Although we did get crumbles all over the SUV.

7. Dinner In VA. Towards the end of our first day we were hungry and ate at a steakhouse at some random exit. Food was good but the place was a little odd. They had these three huge and weird portraits, we’re guessing the owners kids, hanging up just as you came inside the place. Then they locked us in at the end of the night.

6. The Winker. Though this guy saved my hide in the great hunt for gas, he either had a tick or he was coming on to Melinda. As he gave us directions to a gas station he kept smiling and winking at her.

5. Turkey Bowling. You can’t imagine how much fun it is to roll a frozen turkey at liter soda bottles half filled with water. This was the college creation of Stephen Tate and they now play it in the warehouse at Signet.

4. Welcome Signs. For every state except two (Arkansas, it was in the middle of a bridge, and California, we flew in) we stopped and took pictures at the welcome signs. My favorite was Tennessee. We happened upon Virginia’s cruising down the highway and I had to hang out the sunroof to get it. North Caroline was in the middle of the night and we slowed to a crawl to snap the pics.

3. Party Rock. He’s in the house tonight people. I think I’ve heard this song more than any other song my whole entire life. But it grew on me and will be in my iPod soon.

2. Hello! It seemed that every time I was driving and our Bossy Pants GPS was about to give me directions, a certain someone riding shot gun would either make or receive a phone call. Seriously, what do I have to do next? The music is loud and I can’t hear the GPS’s poor pronunciation. The funniest words she garbled Charlottestontown, Linda Vista, boulevard and Gillespie.

1. Sour Patch Kid Incident. When Andy dropped a bag of sour patch kids into his lap and the sugar poured out by his reaction you would have thought that he just dropped a beaker of angry fire ants into his lap. Oh the humanity

And that’s that. We get to spend more than eight hours in one place. It’s going to feel weird going back to the same hotel for three nights but it’s going to be good too. On a sad note, I just realized that I forgot to pop our antenna ball off the car when we dropped it off in Las Vegas. Little guy made the entire trip with us and we will miss him.


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