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Games People Play

Filed under: Best Places to Work Road Trip 2011

From Counselor’s Joe Haley, as he hits the road for the 2011 Best Places to Work Summer Road Tour

So, what does one, well in our case, three, do while gallavanting all over the country in a rented car with a pushy GPS system to pass the time? Well, we played games. No, not things like road side bingo, or the alphabet game – you know, the one where you have to find a word that begins with every letter of the alphabet in order? Rather, we play games made up by our very own Quiz Master – Melinda.

Our first game was trivia in nature. There were three categories and Andy and I were asked questions in each: TV trivia, ASI trivia and celebrity trivia. This game was quickly cancelled. Not because the questions were too tough, but because our Quiz Master didn’t know the answers to the questions she was asking. When giving a hint to a Disney Channel program she said, “this person has her own Internet TV show.” Naturally the answer was iCarly. The problem, though, is that show is on Nickelodeon. When we challenged the answer she stood firm until Andy Googled it and found out that it was in fact on Nick, as were three other “Disney” shows she gave us.

Game number two in this slightly demented version of Cash Cab was Are You Smarter Than A 6th Grader. While there were no smarmy and smug 11-year olds to challenge us, we played nonetheless. Melinda crafted questions based on the homework she had helped her oldest daughter with this past school year. And ya know what, Andy is not smarter than a 6th grader. He answered one measly question about the Mayans building the pyramids in South America but that was about it. My winning question was to name the three ships that sailed to the new world. (The next day while talking about our game, Melinda mentioned that she thought it was great that I knew the names of the ships that accompanied the Mayflower. Huh, what?)

We also played a straight up celebrity trivia game, which I again won. Andy struggled with naming at least six Julia Roberts movies. He kept confusing her with Geena Davis. No she was not in Thelma and Louise. No she was not in League Of Their Own. Come on man. I knew just enough celebrity trivia – it’s from watching E! News with my wife – to cruise to victory.

Our final game consisted of dumb luck. Kinda like that card game where you draw one card and hold it to your forehead for everyone to see and then you gauge their reaction and make a wager. Growing up we called it “A**hole.” Any idiot could win, which is precisely what Andy did in the song game. We each picked a popular song that had been playing continuously for the last three days. I had that Party Rock number. Every time your song came on the radio, the others paid you a dollar. After round one I was in the lead. Sweet! But we switched songs on Friday and Andy went with an Adele (no clue!) ditty, even though he hates her more than he hates our Bossy Pants GPS. I had Chris Brown and our Quiz Master went with that Lady Gaga song that sounds like those other Lady Gaga songs. Anyway, Melinda and I owe Andy a few bucks. I’m happy for him, as he won the equivalent of a participation medal for T-ball.  

However, in the end I am winning the majority of the games we play. I’m a veritable Ken Jennings. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next leg of our journey.

PS. I wrote this on the plane to San Diego. I think we’re a little punch drunk from all the driving, as Andy and I twice during the flight went to the cockpit to ask the pilots if they wanted us to take over and fly next. Melinda needed a potty stop.

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