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2011 Summer Road Tour Lands in Morrisville, NC

Filed under: Best Places to Work Road Trip 2011

The Counselor caraval has now reached Morrisville, North Carolina for a Best Places to Work destination: Brand Fuel. Here are some photos:

Brand Fuel Headquarters

Andy and Melinda arrive at Brand Fuel.

Live Band at Brand Fuel

Awaiting the editors, a live band! How cool!

Brand Fuel Logo

The Brand Fuel logo.

Hanging at Brand Fuel

Joe and Melinda hanging with two heads at Brand Fuel.

Andy Cohen Rockin' Out

Andy’s rockin out!


  1. Danny Rosin Says:

    Live music at 8AM in our showroom was cool and all, but hosting you ASI characters was the icing on our waffle. Thanks for spending some QT with The Fuelians.

    Wednesday July 13, 2011
  2. Robert Fiveash Says:

    We can’t figure out whose hand Danny is clutching. Now, I’m no Anatomy expert, but that hand doesn’t seem to belong to anyone. Thank you ASI for bringing the voodoo into our office.

    Thursday July 14, 2011

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