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2011 Summer Road Tour Lands in Maryland

Filed under: Best Places to Work Road Trip 2011

The caravan of Counselor crazies (doncha just love alliteration?!) has now reached Maryland for two Best Places to Work destinations: Sonic Promos in Gaithersburg, and MacMinnis in Bethesda. Here are some photos:

Sonic Promos

Melinda and the gang arrive at Sonic Promos in Gaithersburg, MD.

Andy and Melinda

Andy and Melinda at Sonic Promos.

Melinda Ligos

The gang makes an extra special stop at the high school home of Melinda Ligos in Potomac, MD!

Andy and Melinda

Andy and Melinda.

Chris Huebner

Interviewing Chris Huebner from Mac Mannes Inc.

Chuck Taylors

Chris shows off his Chuck Taylors.

Mac Mannes

Group shot at Mac Mannes Inc.

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  1. JoanM Says:

    Congrats to MacMannes!! Way to go!

    Tuesday July 12, 2011

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