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ASI Education Gets A Makeover

Filed under: Education, site updates

For those of you who frequent our Education pages on ASICentral, you might’ve noticed that we’ve recently revamped some of the sub-pages, like Distributor Success, Sales and Marketing. Here’s why …

For instance, each of these sub-pages — which directly correlates to Education Tracks offered at our 5 annual ASI Shows — appeared very similar, almost identical upon first seeing them. Solution: Change the color of each page. Now, each one has an identifiable color associated with it. So if you see the color green, you know you’re in the Distributor Success page. You see blue? You’re now in Sales City, baby!

Next, our on-demand content was useful, but unaccredited. Solution: Offer users the same content, but give them the opportunity to get credit for it. By participating in our Advertising Specialty Institute Certification Program users can achieve their BASI/MASI degrees, which can only enhance their expertise and standing in the industry. Now, each page’s “On-Demand Courses” section offers a Featured Course as well as several links to other online courses, which links directly into our Online Learning Center (if you’re not a member, you’re prompted to join) where you can receive credit for watching/listening to our courses!

And as an added bonus, all of our content in the On Demand Courses section lets the user know how long the time investment will be and how many credits they will get for it (1 or 1/2)!

We’re really excited our new Education pages and how you are too. Let us know what you think by posting a comment below or emailing us at feedback@asicentral.com.

— Vinnie.edu

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