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Tip of the Day – Fun Things to Do for Your Presentation

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PresentationEveryone loves samples, so take a minute to come up with some creative giveaways for your presentations. Not only will your prospects hear what you have to say, but they’ll also have a tangible item to help them remember you. Here are eight great ideas.

  1. Bring donuts and coffee – in a donut box imprinted with your information, of course! Take it a step further and give each team member you’re presenting to an imprinted mug.
  2. Give each person you present to a pen and notepad imprinted with your contact info, so they can take notes during your meeting. 
  3. Award a $25 gift card to the first person who correctly answers a question about something you mentioned during the presentation. 
  4. Start with a funny or engaging video about promotional products. 
  5. If you’re pitching to a client that is out of state, bring an imprinted food item that is famous in your city. 
  6. Showcase your success – bring a relevant item from a previous sale and describe how you hit the home run. 
  7. When you’re presenting a promotion about specific apparel items, wear them! 
  8. Have the prospect’s company information imprinted on something small – tapping into your own bottom line creates goodwill.

From Advantagesmag.com March 2011 issue.

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  1. Diego Says:

    Hi Leslie, I also attended the show and ntcioed the same thing. Very little or no use of promotional products. So here’s the million dollar question: Are the promotional products distributors not doing their jobs properly? Are we not (as industry suppliers of promo products) obligated to educate the strategic use of products to clients. I’ve stopped assuming anything in this industry when calling upon a prospective client and realize that just because they buy promos doesn’t mean they know everything about the use of promos. After 18 years in this business, I am amazed at how many clients think a stainless steel mug is a new product!

    Monday October 22, 2012

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