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It’s a Dirty Job, But …

Filed under: Wearables

What is it about dirty jobs that makes them so revolting, yet so interesting at the same time?

Of course, unless you’re Mike Rowe and you work for the Discovery Channel’s aptly named “Dirty Jobs” TV show, nobody really *wants* a dirty job. The allure, I suppose, is the same as passing a car wreck – you just can’t turn away. Or, maybe, it helps one feel good about the boring-yet-squeaky-clean desk job they do for 40 hours a week.

Whatever the case, dirty jobs are so cool these days that Wearables magazine did a feature story this month on a handful of tough men and women who get good and grimy every day — and the apparel they wear during their working hours.

Introducing Dirty Jobs: Uniforms Edition!

In this article, Wearables spends the day at the following dirty jobs and learns a few things about the apparel worn to combat all kinds of nastiness:

  • Zookeeper – who flung poo?!
  • Mechanic – where body fluids flow! (auto bodies, that is)
  • Chef – great green gobs of greasy grimy … well, you get the idea
  • Crime Scene Clean-Up – use your imagination on this one

Ugh, now I have an urge to take a shower!

— DirtyD


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