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Stitches.com Gets A Makeover

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Hey stitchers, decorators and embroiderers, have we got great news for you!

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve completely changed the look and feel of the online site for Stitches magazine, Stitches.com, creating in the process a friendlier and more visually pleasing user experience. The following is a breakdown of what’s new and exciting with the NEW Stitches.com:

  • Color Palette. Gone are the blues and greens in favor of a muted white background, and a more dominant primary maroon color that allows the page’s content sections to “pop”. Since the popular concensus is that everyone loves the design of the Stitches Social Site, we decided to use the dominant maroon of that design as our primary Stitches.com color. 
  • Content Modules. All the content is organized into comprehensive, free-floating “modules” starting with the Features at the top – which includes the cover story. Under the Features and down the left-hand column are: 1) Stitches Social Site Module; 2) Blogs Module – All three Stitches blogs, with a tabular toggle feature allowing you to browse the latest content of each one without leaving the home page; and 3) Videos and Podcasts Module. Down the right column under the Features are: 1) News Module – All the latest industry news, starting with most recent; 2) Columns Module – Featuring Editor Nicole Rollender’s letter; and 3) Poll Module. 
  • Subscribe, Newsletters, Archives, Digital Mag. This content used to reside on the left-hand side of the home page; it has now been moved to the right-hand side of Stitches.com, offset by clever imagery by our Sr. Designer Craig Veltri – an Embroidery needle and red thread!
  • Top Navigation. The old design contained two horizontal lines of navigation, which was one too many. Content has been consolidated and now the navigation is cleaner and more succinct. The new nav items are: Free Product Info | Sourcing Guide | Swap Meet | Blogs | Glossary | Calendar | Contact Us | Advertise

Stitches Redesign

So what do you think? Drop us a line at feedback@asicentral.com and let us know what you think of the new design.

Tip of the Day – How to Hire All-Star Customer Service Reps

Filed under: Tip of the Day

Use these three tips as a starting guide to weeding out which customer service reps (CSRs) are worth bringing in for an interview:

  • Use the phone. Interview CSR candidates on the phone so you can see exactly how they’ll interact with many of your customers – through the telephone.
  • Get them talking. Have CSR prospects tell stories of how they helped to increase sales or satisfy an angry customer. Make them back up revenue claims through anecdotes.
  • Avoid job-hoppers. You want service people who are completely engaged with your company and clients. Look for evidence of loyalty from CSR candidates

For more tips and advice on hiring customer service reps, go to Stitches Embroidery Business Insights volume 135

Wayne Brady on ASI Radio – Feb. 22

Filed under: asi radio show, The ASI Show

Wayne BradySave the date! Emmy Award-winning comedian and actor Wayne Brady — who will be performing his dazzling improvisational and comedic skills at The ASI Show San Diego in May — will be calling into the ASI Radio Show on Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 10:30 a.m.!

As a huge fan of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and and integral part of the ASI Radio Show (I just might get to talk with Wayne on the phone before he goes live!), I’m totally stoked about this announcement and can’t wait until the 22nd.

For more information about Wayne’s performance at The ASI Show San Diego in May and how to score some tickets, click here.

And for more about ASI Radio, click here.

See you on the 22nd!

— TheBradyBunch


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