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Counselor’s First-Ever Halloween Party Contest Winner Is …

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Congratulations to distributor firm CustomInk, winner of the first-ever online competition honoring the best Halloween party in the industry.

In October, my good pal and Counselor Editor Andy Cohen encouraged industry companies to submit their stories, photos and videos to our Best Places to Work Facebook page describing why their office Halloween party was the wackiest, most entertaining and most creative this year. The spoils? A $100 gift card.

And, wow, did we ever get some great submissions!

Sifting through tons of great Halloween content, Andy and I finally decided that CustomInk simply rocked Halloween harder than any other company, with employees dressing up in costumes ranging from the cast of Glee and Jersey Shore, to pop culture icons like Michael Phelps, John Oates (from Hall & Oates), Uncle Eddie from Vacation, Rosie the Riveter and many more. Congrats, CustomInk!

See their pics here.

And enjoy some of our favorite images, below.

Cast of Glee.

John Oates.

Rosie the Riveter.

Snap, Crackle, Pop.

Cast of Jersey Shore.

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  1. Rio Says:

    Your post has moved the debate forward. Thanks for sahirng!

    Monday October 22, 2012

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