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ASI Radio Holla Back Line

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From guest blogger and well-known industry personality and ASI Radio Show host Michele Bell …

Hey there and Happy Friday!
We have a brand new feature for ASI Radio — our “Holla Back” 24/7 call-in line — on which you can leave a message for myself and the other editorial hosts on any topic you’d like to rant or rave, snippets of which we may play on a future radio show. You can leave your name or kvetch anonymously — we want to hear what you’ve got to say!
The lines are now open at (215) 953-4977 so call and leave us a message — whether it’s sweet or snarky — we’ll take it all!
— Michele Bell
Editor, Supplier Global Resource
Senior Editor, Counselor

PS: An alternative name for the call-in line that we bandied about was “The Good Time Line,” until we realized it might elicit callers looking for something other than my editorial services. LOL!

PPS: For those of you who know me, try not to be put off when you hear my message on the Holla Back voicemail… Apparently, accordingly to Counselor editor Andy Cohen and managing editor Joe Haley, I sound “unnervingly and uncharacteristically pleasant.”


  1. Howard Hooper Says:

    I have always been under the ipression that ASI Suppliers would not sell direct to end users. I have recently been asked to compete with prices that one of my customers had found at Osborne Coinage ( ASI # 75260) I went to their web site http://www.osbornecoinage.com – On their home page, on the tab ” Company Info” They introduce their new company ” Tokens Direct” which offers prices to the end user, that are lower than the ASI price schedule they offer to me. Our profession has just hit a new low.
    Granted, I can stop doing business with Osborne and continue with one of the other ASI companies, but Osborne’s pricing has pretty much taken coins and tokens out of the ASI Distributors’ bag of goods.
    Any comment??

    Wednesday October 13, 2010
  2. Ted Schuh, Sales Manager, Osborne Coinage Co. Says:

    Dear Mr. Hooper,

    Thank you for your concern, but allow me to give some background. Osborne Coinage is America’s oldest and largest private mint. We operate in several markets ranging from transit tokens, casino tokens, amusement and arcade tokens, Car wash, foreign currency, and also advertising specialty products. Promotional Products are just a small percentage of what we do. Tokens Direct is a subsidiary that operates in the amusement /arcade, as well as the car wash market. We sell direct to amusement parks, arcade operators, and car washes at very small margin. The items we sell to those markets are in no way, shape or form, intended for ad specialty use. They are intended to activate the game. There is a different between a coin and a token. For the most part, the products are different in each catalog. The coins we offer in our OCC catalog are designed for traditional promotional product applications such as awards, coupon coins, traffic builders, keytags, etc. These coins are of higher quality than plain old tokens.Ergo, the price is higher and a distributor can make a margin on these. A token should not really be used in an advertising specialy application.

    I hope this clears things up for you.

    Thank you for your concern.

    Thursday October 21, 2010
  3. Hector Jebbett Says:

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    Saturday April 20, 2013

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