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Tip of the Day – Break into the Education Market

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Education MarketIf you’re looking to break into the education market, check out these tips from our successful reps.

HARTOWICZ: Have a great idea on how the program is going to run. Do a lot on the front end before you approach schools. It really helps to know how you’re going to work on your end. And make sure that you’re going to be able to handle it!

HIGGINS: Be active and visible in your community. Go to scholastic events, because visibility and accountability are key.

HINSHAW: Everybody knows somebody who’s in school. Just go and talk to other PTOs. I brought items I had done for another school and showed them to my prospects.

TARADASH: Try and get an introduction to someone and drop off some items. We attended homecoming events where all of the clubs have booths. Get to know those people on a more casual basis.

O’DONNELL: There’s more than one person who buys. It might all funnel through one person, but some people are in charge of recruiting new students, while others work with employees. There are opportunities in both, so recognize that there’s more than one door that can open.

From Advantages’ October 2010 issue.

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