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The Squirrel vs. The Nut

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Here at ASI, Joe Haley is known for lots of things, least of all his ability to keep his opinions to himself.

Not only is he a managing editor at ASI and the dapper star of The Joe Show, but he’s also one of the most outspoken personalities of the weekly ASI Radio Show. So outspoken, in fact, he’s got his very own segment each week — Joe’s Rant — dedicated especially to those things in life that simply stick in Joe’s craw. (And there’s certainly no lack of ’em, that’s for sure.)

From Larry “The Perv” King and Al “Global Warming” Gore, to inconsiderate airline passengers and rude drivers who don’t use signals, nothing is sacred to Joe and he’ll rant about anything.

Including squirrels.

If you missed this week’s segment, you missed Joe throwing down the gauntlet and declaring war against the squirrels of his neighborhood because, as he says, not only are they destroying his property, but they’re now apparently taunting him by eating his tomatoes and dodging his traps.

Listen to the segment here.

This story has become so well known at ASI that there’s even a running count as to who’s winning the war. Latest count: Squirrels 4, Joe 0.

Also, one of our designers (Steve Hawk!) decided to take a few moments to create an image of Joe vs. the Squirrel or, as it’s become known internally, The Squirrel vs. The Nut. Enjoy!


  1. Kerry Says:

    LOL – that’s our Joe!

    Friday August 27, 2010
  2. Kentaro Says:

    equation.Anyways, it’s like this…If you have a child that is really minsbhavieg in a store (say they’re after a toy in the toy department and you’re trying to make it over to the laundry detergent aisle with them in tow without too much headache). In this scenario, you’ve but two options really. You can purchase the toy for your ill behaved tot or you can remove them from the aisle and the store altogether, bring them home and scold them.I do suppose there is another option in that you could purchase a toy of lesser value for your child. Even still, it has the same effect as would purchasing the toy they desired in that you are sanctioning this improper behavior.In a political sense, it was such that this latter option was being entertained and adopted with respect to the Republican party.The Democrats were offering us Collectivism by the pound whereas the Republicans were offering it perhaps by the teaspoonful. Granted it was a matter of degree here but still, both left a sour taste in the mouth.I am not a collectivist. While collective effort is a fine practice, it must be done so voluntarily. I would never even think to do any such thing as to foster and sanction government and their exclusive monopoly on force to employ the practice.I did not wish to sanction McCain and the Republican party’s actions by way of voting for them. Supposing I had (and they had actually won the election), I’d then have no clout or standing with which to negotiate with. It becomes increasingly difficult to defeat the ideology and policies of your adversaries if you are in turn adopting their premises (if even a fraction of them). And yet, many Republican voters told themselves “Well the Republican party better get their act together and embrace conservativism or what have you or I’m not going to support them next time.” as they often do. Yet, that is merely up until the next election when one such individual again places the party over the principle and pulls the party lever because well…”they just can’t fathom the alternative.”I’ll never again do it. I’d much rather die than live a life without my individual freedom and liberty. And to me, there is little sense in living if in cherishing those values I am working against them in any fashion.

    Saturday October 20, 2012

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