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Olivia Newton-John Interview

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Olivia Newton-JohnHow cool is this story?!

Olivia Newton-John — that’s right, Sandra Dee herself! — is not only a breast-cancer survivor but the spokesperson for a new breast self-exam item called Livgeiger. The actress and singer recently sat down with Counselor magazine for an interview about Livgeiger. Listen to the podcast here.

And here’s the news excerpt From Counselor PromoGram, vol. 732:
Counselor Top 40 distributor Geiger (asi/202900) announced this week that it is the exclusive promotional and small retail provider of a new groundbreaking item called Liv. The breast self-exam item, created by Emmy-award-winning singer Olivia Newton-John and Dr. Ernie Bodai, is FDA-approved and is meant to make it easier and more accurate for women to examine themselves for breast irregularities.

Newton-John, a breast-cancer survivor, is the spokesperson for the product, which will be sold by Geiger’s new unit, called Livgeiger (www.livgeiger.com). The item has a retail price of $19.95 apiece. Companies and organizations can use it as a promotional product by placing logos or messaging on the device’s handle, packaging and carrying case.

In this exclusive interview, Newton-John sits down with Counselor to explain her vision for the product and how it fits into the ad specialty market. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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  1. Fred Snyder Says:

    Our industry was chosen as the best way for Olivia and Dr. Bodai to realize her dream of every woman receiving LIV for doing self breast exams. Perhaps this will help bring reality to those in government that seem to constantly attack our industry. We can potential save lives through education, information and now even a medical device that aids in helping to uncover concerns for breast health, wow!

    Saturday July 24, 2010

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