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ASICentral Redesign – Take Our Survey

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The team at ASICentral.com is currently investigating ways to improve the site through a redesign and would like your feedback regarding our homepage via a brief 10-question survey. Among some of the questions:

How would you rate the overall user experience of the ASICentral.com homepage?

If you could change one thing about ASICentral.com’s homepage, what would it be?


How often do you typically visit our site?

Want to help us out? Take the survey now!

— Richard “The Survey Says” Dawson

Tip of the Day – Ramp Up Recognition Programs

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Employees – yes, that means your salespeople – now have an itch to look for new jobs. Ask yourself these three questions as you tweak your recognition programs.

  • Are we rewarding the right behaviors? If your current mission is to fill the company pipeline with new prospects – but employees are being rewarded for cost-cutting measures – it’s time to overhaul your incentive program.
  • Are we engaging new hires right from the start? Put a program in place to recognize stellar new employees with small rewards within their first year. And, make sure their managers check in with them regularly. Don’t wait until the annual performance review to uncover issues or express appreciation.
  • Can peers recognize one another? Managers aren’t the only ones who are able to identify when someone’s doing something good. Let peers recognize each other for good performance. And, hold periodic events to publicize everyone’s great work.

From Counselor’s May 2010 issue.

Tip of the Day – Create A Blog On WordPress

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If you already have a Web site and hosting service, there’s a strong possibility that WordPress.org will have an easy, automatic way to install its blogging program in a subfolder of your Web site, according to Erich Campbell, digitizer and e-commerce manager for Albuquerque, NM-based Black Duck Inc. (asi/140730). “If not, they’ll very likely be able to help you get it installed, seeing as it’s a very popular platform for blogging,” he says. “In my case, I downloaded the package myself and installed it in a subfolder. 

“To start, it’s as easy as unzipping a file and transferring the resultant files into the folder on my Web site,” Campbell says. “After that, a short visit to the WordPress Codex at www.codex.wordpress.org led me right to a host of documents that walk you through the initial setup step by step.”

Kristine Shreve, director of marketing for The Ensign Group, notes that there are a variety of themes that can be used to personalize the look and feel of your blog. Many of those themes can be found at www.word

Shreve says there are two main ingredients for a successful blog: “One is to have good content. You have to provide informative, well-written, interesting posts, and you have to do it consistently. You should also have a fairly regular posting schedule,” she says. “The second component for a successful blog is community. Find other people who are blogging in the same general subject category, and comment on their blogs. Add blogs that you like to your blogroll. – Shane Dale

From the 2010 Stitches State of the Industry

Tip of the Day – Where Demographics Matter

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Here are 4 occasions where demographics matter:

  1. Incentives programs only work well when the reward is something an employee or customer desires. Understand the audience’s circumstances in life and their desires/needs. Then you can motivate them.
  2. Experiential promotions require face-to-face interaction with brand ambassadors. People connect to those with whom they identify. You must know who your audience will be before you can choose appropriate brand representatives.
  3. Apparel giveaways succeed when the selected garment fits the stylistic preferences, gender, age and environment of the recipients. Young female fashionistas living in Miami wouldn’t wear a fleece vest. Try a clingy baby tee instead.
  4. Cultural events frequently draw ethnic or community-centric crowds. It’s simply good manners to know the likes, dislikes, values and traditions of the cultural or ethnic group to which you’re marketing.

From May 2010 Advantages University.


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