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Tip of the Day – 5 Earth-Friendly Options

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Curious about what to look for when sourcing for earth-friendly promotions? Try searching for these options:

  1. Biodegradable corn plastic is used for everything from pens to mugs.
  2. Solar-powered technology “fuels” earth-friendly flashlights, calculators and more.
  3. Organic cotton, bamboo or hemp makes apparel “green.”
  4. Recycled PET transforms traditional polyester and plastics into environmentally correct choices.
  5. Naturally appealing products like plant seedlings, seed packets and even imprinted walnuts provide a clever alternative to man-made promotional items.

From Advantages University, April 2010.

ASI Education Update: Webinars Page Redesign

Filed under: Education, site updates

The value of education within the promotional products industry cannot be emphasized enough, and success greatly depends upon your knowledge of everything from the latest sales and marketing trends to negotiation strategies. Our ASI Education folks — in particular Nicole Rollender and Dana Reaume — do a terrific job every month presenting Webinars geared toward the education of promotional products professionals.

(For those of you who don’t know what a Webinar is, let me elaborate. It’s a free 60-minute online course that you take simply by logging onto your computer at a predetermined time. The presenters and moderators do all the work – all you need to do is show up and pay attention! From informative discussions and slideshows to interactive discussion rooms, our ASI Education Webinars are really a great way to learn how to succeed in this industry. Best of all, Webinars are archived so you can learn any time, 24/7.)

And now we’ve given the ASI Education homepage a nice, new snazzy look so you can register and access archived Webinars more easily. Click here to see the page, and use the tabs above the calendar to toggle between the upcoming and archived Webinars. (NEXT WEBINAR: Become an Eco-Apparel Selling Expert, Weds. April 14, 2-3 pm EST – Register now!)

Got questions or comments about the new Webinars homepage? Feel free to email us at feedback@asicentral.com.

Shout out to Sr. Web Designer Craig Veltri for the design!

— Deez


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