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Photos From the ASI Show San Diego

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While we here in the Philly area suffer through Snowmageddon Part III, my pal Joan Chaykin is basking in the lovely California weather at the ASI Show San Diego. She also brought along a camera to further rub in just how nice it is out there on the Left Coast.

Joan, this ain’t helpin’ us!

Anyway, enjoy the pics …

Gotta be California …

Two clowns and a red snapper fish head. Nice.

Ahhh, California sunsets.

Giant statue of the sailor and nurse in that famous kiss pose.

Melinda and Kathy on the entrance to the Gaslight District.

Group shot posing with Andy. Strangely, we all think it looks like we’re visiting Andy (one of the youngsters) in the old-age home “Wave hi to the camera Andy!”

USS San Diego.

USS Midway.

Anchors aweigh!

Statue of Bob Hope entertaining the troops.

Southern California!

CJ and Matt.

Gaslamp Quarter.


  1. Chuck d Says:

    I seen dogs on a skateboard but roosters?! I seen it all now!

    Thursday February 25, 2010
  2. Angela Barker Says:

    Looks like you enjoyed our city! ASI San Diego was a great show for us. Looking forward to ASI San Diego 2011!
    Angela, AddVenture Products

    Monday March 1, 2010
  3. Nicolas Says:

    The third time is a charm! I have attempted to go to try your ratuasrent for dinner on 3 separate occasions. The first was a Monday night and a few months later a Tuesday night only to be disappointed to find I had again chosen a night that you were closed. Being Friday night I finally succeeded and am still in a state of bliss hours after eating at Berry Fresh Cafe. I can never recall trying not to moan or Ahhh after every bite of food ever in my life! Every taste, beginning with the Fire Cracker Crispy Shrimp shared as an appetizer to the Mediterranean Chicken and Pasta and finally to the warm apple cobbler with homemade mango and coconut ice cream,was as if I had discovered Shangra La and Eutopia wrapped in one. I am still trying not to melt from all of those phenomenal flavors.I am already studying the take out menu planning my next gourmet meal perhaps breakfast next time at my now all time favorite ratuasrent.Thank you! Until we meet again,Carol A. Ryan

    Saturday October 20, 2012

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