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Got A Favorite Promotional Product?

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Ahh, what an industry. When I first started working with promotional products, I thought it was gonna be all pens, notepads and T-shirts. Alas, I’ve discovered that promotional products can be more than that, including journals made of elephant poop, motorized coolers and USB drives in the shape of just about anything … including carrots (honestly! see image at right).

Yes, it’s actually quite an interesting and fun industry.

Anyway, we here are ASICentral want to know, What Is Your Favorite Promotional Product?

And we’re encouraging you to upload images of your favorite promotional product to our Facebook page (NOTE: chance for egregious self-promotion!) for a future vote. In a few weeks we’ll post all the products to our Facebook fans and let them decide which one is the best one.  

So, go to our Facebook page now and upload an image of your fave promotional product, tell us a little bit about it, and you’ll be automatically entered in the contest. (Not a fan yet? Just click the “Become A Fan” link at the top of the page.) And if you’re wondering what the spoils are, it’s bragging rights, a blog writeup and a mention in our newsletters!

That’s all folks!

— Buggsy


  1. Eric Says:

    Can’t beat the power of the almighty pen.

    Tuesday February 23, 2010
  2. rick Says:

    Funny, reading this after reading the article asking if is this the end of green marketing, because my new favorite product this year is THE GREEN GARMENTO, a hamper/duffel/hanging garment bag that eliminates the need for single use plastic in drycleaners.

    Great idea, I think my customers are going to love it.

    Wednesday March 3, 2010
  3. Promotional Products Says:

    Promotional Products are strong.I am also having many items of Promotional Products. Promotional Products are valuable and not to be harm for other.

    Wednesday November 13, 2013

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