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About Tony Robbins …

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Growing up a child of the almighty television, I have lots of memories of sitting in front of the boob tube late at night watching mindless Joe Bob Briggs-inspired cheesy horror flicks, Johnny Carson and Taxi reruns as my brain rotted away. And as the night wore on and I drifted off to sleep, I inevitably woke … to Tony Robbins and his white teeth.

Sure, they were lovely and big and bright, but why would I always wake to them? Did Tony Robbins own the late-night infomercial market? Well, if you grew up in the ’80s and had, like, only a handful of stations, then yeah, I think he did!

Anyway, my first impression of Tony Robbins was of an annoyingly verbose, albeit well-spoken, talking head who seemed to have an excellent grasp of what he was talking about, though I never listened. I was too fixated on his bleached teeth, and so I just didn’t like him.

But in the early 2000s, he appeared in the movie Shallow Hal with Jack Black — the movie where i not only discovered how ginormous Robbins is, but also that he has “banana hands” — and a newfound respect was born. He played himself in the movie and really came across as endearing and genuinely interested in helping others help themselves.

Since I joined ASI in 2007, Tony Robbins has been a keynote speaker at one of our ASI Shows and is set to be the keynoter next week at our San Diego show and, though I’m not going, I really wish I could. Because from what people have told me from the last time Tony appeared at a show, he’s really something special.

So if you’re going to the ASI Show San Diego next week, but aren’t going to see Tony Robbins, then I need to ask … what’s wrong with you!!? It’s FREE!!! And all you gotta do is click here to register!

And if you simply can’t make it, I’ll be glad to go in your place.

— deezTV

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  1. Shane D Says:

    You need to see tony – he’s amazing!

    And i can’t believe you gave a shout out to Joe Bob Briggs – I remember that guy, he cracked me up!

    Friday February 19, 2010

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