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Philly and the surrounding suburbs are currently experiencing Snowmageddon 2010 (definition: 20+ inches of snow followed by 20+ more inches of snow 4 days later), and we had a rare day off yesterday. So I threw the gauntlet down to the folks in Editorial and asked them to send me their best snow pics. I’m proud to say they didn’t disappoint …



Gunnar lovin’ the snow. (Photo: Sent in by Samantha Tucker)
Gunnar’s about to pounce on something in the snow. (Photo: Sent in by Samantha Tucker)
Editorial’s newest employee Jennifer Vishnevsky snapped a pic of her “Little Snowmen!” (Photo: Jennifer Vishnevsky)
A classic pic! Joe Haley, chomping on a cigar, out and about in the neighborhood. (Photo: Joe Haley)
From Designer Hillary Braubitz, a snowman with style – damn, I love that scarf! (Photo: Hillary Braubitz)   
Hey Joe, cigars are good in the snow, but beer is better. This is how we do it in Jersey. (Photo: ME!)
Snowmageddon 2010 – don’t I look thrilled?  (Photo: ME again!)
Counselor Editor Andy Cohen’s five-year-old Jason happily learns a valuable lesson: Making a snowman is really hard work.(Photo: Andy Cohen)
Counselor Editor Andy Cohen and his son, Jason, hit the slopes.(Photo: Andy Cohen)
NJ license plate. (Photo: Dawn Shurmaitis)
From Melinda Ligos, on her dachsund: “I bet Daisy wishes she had some logoed doggie apparel about now.” (Photo: Melinda Ligos)
A snowy and “icicly” scene from Kerry Boderman’s porch. (Photo: Kerry Boderman)
From Joe Haley: That busted fence in the back makes it look like Ralphie’s back yard from A Christmas Story.(Photo: Joe Haley)                                   

A scene from my pal Michele Bell’s neck of the woods. (Photo: Michele Bell)
From Kerry Boderman: My full-time job today is clearing the birdfeeders of snow so that the birdies can find the seed. Here we have a white-breasted nuthatch on the right feeder, and a goldfinch peeking around the side of the left feeder.
(Photo: Kerry Boderman)
Ice in the Lambertville, NJ, canal. (Photo: Dawn Shurmaitis)
Mannequins in downtown New Hope. (Photo: Dawn Shurmaitis)
From Nicole Rollender: View from south jersey. What a post-groundhog day winter wonderland! (Photo: Nicole Rollender)
From Joe Haley: Nigel’s snow-covered snowtube looks like a frosted donut … ohhhh, donut! (Photo: Joe Haley)
From Scott Fuhr: What’s left of the grilling possibilities on our back porch. (Photo: Scott Fuhr)
From Scott Fuhr: OK, now which one is my car? (Photo: Scott Fuhr)


  1. Matt Browning Says:

    It’s crazy what this winter has brought us. Luckily here in Kentucky it hasn’t been too bad. Still above our yearly averages but nothing like the northeast has seen!

    Matt Browning
    Surge Promotions

    Thursday February 11, 2010
  2. Shane D Says:

    Nothing better than watching dogs play in the snow. Bravo!

    Thursday February 11, 2010
  3. Kristi Says:

    Gunnar looks great jumping in the snow! I have to say I really love the snowman too.

    Friday February 12, 2010
  4. Kerry Says:

    Love all the dog pictures!

    Monday February 15, 2010
  5. Laura T. Says:

    Great pics, especially the dogs! I can’t believe all the snow you got in Philly!

    Wednesday February 17, 2010
  6. Dave Says:

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    Wednesday February 1, 2012

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