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Poll Results – Does Your Company Block Social Network Sites?

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A few months back a co-worker of mine — you might know him as the dapper Joe Haley from The Joe Show — asked me if I knew what percentage of companies blocked social networks from their employees. Since ASICentral had recently started using YouTube to store all its videos including The Joe Show, and Joe had been getting some complaints that users could no longer access his videos, it was a great question.

Could our video traffic be significantly affected because we were now storing videos in a social network like YouTube?

I pondered this and thought it might make a great poll question for ASICentral, so I posed the following question in mid-November:

Does your company block access to social networks like YouTube and Facebook?

With social networks taking on an important role in business these days, my initial reaction was that 75% of all respondents would answer “No”, and I wasn’t too far off the mark. Here are the results:

So a little over 70% of our respondents said that their companies did not block access to social networks. A little lower than I predicted, but I suspect that number will grow in 2010, which is not only good news for businesses, but great news for Joe and his vids.

— PollDaddy


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