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Take The Tiger Woods’ Poll

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So Tiger Woods has gone from iconic sports legend to the butt of every office water cooler joke. For his philandering, I suppose that’s “par for the course” (forgive the bad golf pun).

Anyway, I’m curious just how precipitous his decline will be, especially in the promotional products industry. Take the following poll and let us know.

— PollDaddy

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  1. Surge Promotions Says:

    I think what has happened with Tiger is awful, but I will leave it up to my customers to make that choice. I feel bad for SanMar for investing so much into his line – but that’s a risk you take I guess. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a new catalog in a few months.

    Matt Browning
    Printed Golf Balls
    Surge Promotions

    Monday January 11, 2010

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