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Tip of the Day – Take Your Prospect’s Point of View

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Don’t be caught off-guard the next time you have a chance encounter with a potential client. In your elevator pitch you should take your prospect’s point of view. Instead of reciting a list of your products and services, address an issue the prospect has that you can help them with. Also adapt your pitch to the listener. A small businessperson may be concerned about cost, while a larger corporation may be more impressed by an example of your creativity.

Introducing the ASI Tweet Tracker

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BREAKING NEWS! ASICentral now has a Tweet Tracker!

If you’re asking yourself, well what’s a Tweet Tracker (don’t worry, you’re not the only one I’m sure), let me explain.

Since ASI has 5 different people using Twitter for various aspects of the company (CEO Tim Andrews, Randi Bromberg for ASI Show, SGR Editor Michele Bell, Stitches’ Editor Nicole Rollender, and Yours Truly for ASICentral), we thought it would be a great idea to aggragate all five “tweeters” on the ASICentral homepage so that our users can actually read what’s being posted in Twitter right on ASICentral!

So every time one of us posts a “tweet”, it’ll appear in the aggragator module, which looks like this:

See the Tweet Tracker live now on the ASICentral homepage by clicking here.

So why add a Tweet Tracker? It allows us to present even more content on our homepage while showcasing to our users not only out continued effort to embrace social media, but exactly what we’re doing with it.

Pretty cool, huh? Let us know what you think about the new Tweet Tracker by posting a comment below or emailing us at feedback@asicentral.com.

— TweetieDee

Links To Assist in Haiti Relief Effort

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If you or your company would like to donate to relief efforts in Haiti, please click on a link below and help.

Red Cross: www.redcross.org

Salvation Army: www.salvationarmyusa.org

UNICEF: www.unicef.org

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund: www.clintonbushhaitifund.org

Tip of the Day – Give Customers A Reason To Read Your Blog

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Give customers more of a reason to read your blog than just witty charm and expert insights. Slip them a special only for blog readers every so often. For example, maybe you’ve just written a blog about a fabulous new travel mug. Extend a discount to those readers who mention the blog post when they place an order with you for the featured item.

Obama Ad Removed From Times Square

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This week we reported in Counselor PromoGram that the Weatherproof Garment Company, which supplies its apparel to the ad specialty market under the MV Sport (asi/68318) name, planned to remove a much-discussed Manhattan billboard following a request from the White House.

Well, according to the New York Times, the company has now agreed to remove the controversial billboard after discussions with the White House. (Click on image at left for larger version.)

According to the company’s reps: “Although Weatherproof believes that it had sufficient legal basis for displaying the billboard, it will be replacing the billboard in order to cooperate with the request of the White House.”

The image portays the president wearing one of Weatherproof’s jackets when he visited the Great Wall of China last November, and the company — like any company hoping to take advantage of publicity — seized the moment and used the picture in its ads.

According to a lawyer quoted in the New York Times’ article, “The legal framework for re-use of an image of a president is somewhat unclear, falling between publicity rights and the First Amendment.”

Anyway, this got me to thinking, is this really much ado about nothing? I really think Weatherproof could have fought this and won, but I digress. Take the following poll:

Poll Results – Does Your Company Block Social Network Sites?

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A few months back a co-worker of mine — you might know him as the dapper Joe Haley from The Joe Show — asked me if I knew what percentage of companies blocked social networks from their employees. Since ASICentral had recently started using YouTube to store all its videos including The Joe Show, and Joe had been getting some complaints that users could no longer access his videos, it was a great question.

Could our video traffic be significantly affected because we were now storing videos in a social network like YouTube?

I pondered this and thought it might make a great poll question for ASICentral, so I posed the following question in mid-November:

Does your company block access to social networks like YouTube and Facebook?

With social networks taking on an important role in business these days, my initial reaction was that 75% of all respondents would answer “No”, and I wasn’t too far off the mark. Here are the results:

So a little over 70% of our respondents said that their companies did not block access to social networks. A little lower than I predicted, but I suspect that number will grow in 2010, which is not only good news for businesses, but great news for Joe and his vids.

— PollDaddy

Tip of the Day – Profile Top Clients

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Profile your top 20% of clients and then strategically pinpoint prospects that have the same characteristics. For example, maybe your top 20% are regional financial institutions and you work with their community outreach coordinators. What other kinds of financial organizations might have a similar need in your area? Think of credit unions, banks, accountants, financial aid offices at universities. Look for commonalities that will allow you to present yourself as the expert in that area.

Tip of the Day – Zero In On Growth Industries

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Read your local business journal and newspaper religiously. When you see a certain segment of the local economy thriving, consider this an opportunity. These companies may need extra marketing to keep ahead of new competition. They may be hiring more employees; therefore their human resources department could use some assistance with welcoming, training and motivating the troops.

Subscribe to the ASI News Feed

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There’s a ton of news happening in this industry and we try our best to get everything onto our homepage news rotator, but many of our users have been clamouring for one place where they can find all the industry news without having to sift through the rotation of the panels.

Ask, and ye shall receive.

Thanks to our new RSS feed, ASICentral now has a one-stop shop for industry news. Not only can you now find all the news from the homepage in our new RSS list, but you can also subscribe to the list and have the content come to you.

Beautiful, huh? Just click the icon here to learn more and subscribe!

— Mr. RSS

Take The Tiger Woods’ Poll

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So Tiger Woods has gone from iconic sports legend to the butt of every office water cooler joke. For his philandering, I suppose that’s “par for the course” (forgive the bad golf pun).

Anyway, I’m curious just how precipitous his decline will be, especially in the promotional products industry. Take the following poll and let us know.

— PollDaddy

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