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Tip of the Day – Five Tips For Selling Food Gifts

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  1. Keep it low-key. Many companies aren’t looking for the lavish gifts of years past. “Let people know that food is universally accepted,” says Mike Shulkin of A La Carte (asi/30350). “Most people like the idea of a food gift and it doesn’t need to be extravagant. People who receive it won’t feel like the person who sent it was wasting their money. People don’t want exorbitant gifts at a time when jobs are being lost. It feels inappropriate.” 
  2. Sharing is caring. One of the benefits of sending food items is the fact that it can be shared among the entire office or with family and friends. “That’s a key selling point this year,” says Lauren Fox, sales and marketing manager at Fresh Beginnings Inc. (asi/55439). “Food is an item that can still show consideration and thoughtfulness. Instead of sending five different items, you can send one big one.” 
  3. Make it personal. If you know a client loves a certain type of food, these gifts can really strike a personal chord. James Robinson, CEO of Alliance Marketing Partners, is an end-user who has used food gifts because “it’s a product that is really personalized. If you can figure out who likes steak or cheese, it is more intimate. For people who are special to us, we always try to find personal things.” 
  4. See if they’ll let it ride. Juan Carlos Lopez, president of Nema Associates (asi/282191), conducted what he called a “pre-emptive strike” in June. “We’re contacting everyone for Christmas,” he says. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that many clients were continuing to spend. “Most clients are going with the same thing they sent last year. Whoever ordered food in the past continued to do so.”
  5. Make it permanent. One of the knocks against food is the fact that it is perishable. To make a lasting impression, Shulkin recommends sending it in a glass jar or a bowl. Clients can then send refills periodically. “Maybe once every quarter they can send a refill based on the season. It adds some nice continuity, plus they can include sales literature and give updates.”

From Education Adviser.


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