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Tip of the Day – PowerPoint Mistakes to Avoid

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Loraine Antrim, co-founding partner at Core Ideas Communication, has coached executives at Fortune 500 companies as well as small-business start-ups on how to best present their sales message. Her belief: Communication is the currency in business. On her blog, The CXO Mindset (http://thecxomindset.blogspot.com/), she shares 100 mistakes that executives make when giving PowerPoint presentations. Here are 10 of those pitfalls to avoid:

1. Failure to open with an introduction that “wows” or to end with a
memorable close.

2. Turning your back to the audience when looking at a slide.

3. Pacing like a lion in a cage.

4. Reading slides word for word.

5. Lack of transitions between slides.

6. Using text so small that people in the back of the room can’t see it.

7. Spelling and grammar errors on slides.

8. Use of different fonts (lack of consistency).

9. Poor quality, too few and/or too small images.

10. Don’t have a clear message.

From Advantages University


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