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New ASICentral Video Pages Launched

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From the weekly Joe Show and Advantages Hot Deals Sales Tip of the Week, to Trade Shows and Events, ASI-TV covers a lot of ground and we’re really proud of our videos. So much so that we’ve decided to give them a sweet makeover and a new home on ASICentral. The following is a breakdown of all the features of our new Videos Pages:

  • Appearance. All our videos are still housed in YouTube, but you can play all of them on ASICentral in our beautifully customized video players. Each player has a main window that allows you to watch the most current video, with a list of archived videos to the right. See Example, below.

  • Branding. We’ve come up with 7 top-level categories for all our videos that shy away from the traditional name-branding of the videos for a more categorical branding. The following are the 7 new branding categories:
  1. Hot New Products (Videos from The Joe Show)
  2. Fun (Collection of humorous videos)
  3. Sales Tips (Videos from Advantages Hot Deals Tip)
  4. Industry News (Videos from Counselor PromoGram)
  5. Fashion & Apparel (Videos from Your Stitches & Wearables Fashion Sense)
  6. Media Clips (Videos from media outlets about the industry)
  7. Trade Shows & Events (Videos from the ASI Show and other Events)
  • Navigation. Once you’ve accessed our new Videos Pages, you are now within the “Videos” experience, which means you can now choose from a customized set of icons above the video players for more videos. There seven categories discussed under “Branding” are represented in the new navigation iconography and you can toggle between videos simply by clicking on the icons. See Example, below.

  • Location. By adding the Videos Page in our vertical navigation, you can always access the Videos page from anywhere on ASICentral. Just look about midway down the left navigation and you will see the following icon:

And that’s the gist of the new Videos Pages!

To access the new Videos Pages, click here.

And if you’ve got any feedback regarding the new pages, please send to feedback@asicentral.com.

— VideoVND


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