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Tip of the Day: Succeed With Twitter

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First it was MySpace, then it was Facebook, and now the latest social media phenomenon is Twitter. For many, the idea of “tweeting” thoughts written in 140 characters or less is intimidating or, at first glance, even silly. Still, there are numerous advantages to being active in social media.

Boundless Network (asi/143717) at press time had 200-plus followers, while the company’s president, Jason Black, himself had about 400. Whenever Black sends out a message, he is communicating with all of these people who have opted to hear what he has to say. In his opinion, his personality helps give Boundless “some flavor and color.”

Tonia Allen Gould, president of Tag! The Creative Source (asi/341358), says she has just start Tweeting. And she now encourages all of her sales reps to use social media “to cast their net out. I’m a big believer in, it’s not what you know – it’s who you know,” she says. “You can use it to have a dialog with people in the industry.”

Better yet, Black says, “Marketers are the ones who are driving Twitter. It’s smart to try and make relationships with these people.”

Twitter, though, shouldn’t be used as an overt sales channel. There needs to be more of a personal element to your posts on Twitter. “I’m not looking to whore myself out all of the time,” says Black. “My tweets are about sports, politics, family and stuff that I observe that has zero to do with promotional products. People appreciate authenticity.”

Consultant Patrick O’Malley says, “Tweet only quality items. The goal should be to only tweet something that is valuable enough to be retweeted.” This means people will cut and paste your message into their entry. Join ASI’s more than 1,100 followers on Twitter. – Kenneth Hein

From the 2009 Counselor State of the Industry


  1. Laura Gaulke Says:

    I really have to agree with Patrick O’Malley about Tweeting only quality items because the goal is that you want it to be valuable enough to be retweeted. I retweet all of the time – things like marketing articles that i think are really useful, important tips and even the occasional really good special that I think people would really appreciate. But when you end up having a few hundred business followers, authenticity is one thing, but you end up missing out on useful things when people want to tweet to colleages about their kids soccer game, or the Hawkeye football or yikes… be careful with political disuccion when speaking with a large group of professionals that you dont know if they share your views. Remember politics and religion from a business sense does not often mix well. When you are using Twitter for business and people are on for business — it still should be authentic, but more limited to good useful, thoughtful information and help out others as well when you find something they wrote useful. Sprinkle sparingly too much personal stuff. I get tired of seeing alot of personal stuff and dont have time for it – really it ends up making me delete the person from my follow. I really disagree completely with Black, depending on how often and if Black is tweeting all of the personal stuff to her whole group and not just selective people all of this non-business and not-useful stuff to colleagues. I have a very savvy friend and marketer The Brand Chef who is very active on Twitter and he might say… I am on my way to do a presentation about (whatever topic) and make it personal, but still relevent because then the presentation has a link that the follower can see what its about.

    Monday November 16, 2009
  2. Laura Gaulke Says:

    My apology to Jason Black. I was typing fast and called him a her! Sorry.

    Monday November 16, 2009

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