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Poll Results – T-Shirts Rule

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So, the other day I’m in my car driving and eating an Italian hoagie (yes, I multi-task outside of work, too), when all of a sudden this oil-and-vinegar soaked clump of lettuce jumps out of the sandwich and onto my shirt. Without missing a beat, I start blindly fishing about my ride for some napkins, tissues, anything that’ll help me with my slovenly dilemma. Front seat: nothing. Glove compartment: nothing. OK, emergency plan … backseat: bingo!

My gym bag. And in it I find my workout T-shirt — “Penn State Arts Fest 1999“. That’ll do, I think, and voila! I’m relatively clean again.

My point? Well, not only is that T-shirt a promotional item, but it’s also 10 years old! So it’s no wonder that when we posed the question What Is Your Top-Selling Product This Year? on ASICentral, the answer was, overwhelmingly, T-shirts! In fact, almost 40% of respondents who took the poll said T-shirts were their top-selling product so far in 2009.

The following is a breakdown of the results from our latest poll:

It’s no wonder T-shirts are still such a hot promotional item – when you think about all the impressions my one Arts Fest shirt received through the years — and will continue to receive in the future — they’re certainly worth the price.

And as long as there are slobs out there like me willing to wear grease-stained T-shirts, the market for promotional apparel T-shirts will never die.

— SloppyD


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