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Sell This Product – Frames

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Photo frames and holders add a personal touch and leave a great lasting impression.

The old adage is that a picture is worth a thousand words. Photos are priceless possessions, and those that conjure up warm memories are often displayed. If your clients have provided the frames holding the photos, there will be positive feelings associated with them too.

“Whether you deal with sales programs, customer acquisition and retention or internal employee relationships, there aren’t many things that can rival a photograph of the recipient for hitting a very personal note,” says Phil Martin, sales manager at Warwick Publishing Co. (asi/95280) “The photo holder allows your customers to ‘frame’ their message and bring themselves into the picture. Other event commemoratives might fall very short of reminding recipients of their personal participation in events, aspirations, accomplishments or at venues.”

Warwick, which makes popular desk calendars and has experimented with other paperboard items over the years, noticed distributor clients’ marketing efforts were becoming more event-driven, says Martin. This observation led to the development of a simple, white frame to hold Polaroid 600 film — “perfect for those spur-of-the-moment shots and easy to mail and distribute,” he says. “It was a definite hit; distributors picked up on it and marketed our frames to celebrate special and everyday events with very personalized advertising mementos.”

Over the past 20 years, Warwick has added to its photo commemoratives, including Polaroid mounts, picture frames and photo presentations. The company offers a variety of imprint options, such as foil stamping, color-me outlines, full-color printing, custom shapes, custom folds and stock imagery and inserts, to give the display a unique touch.

“The frame can become the messenger of just about any theme or campaign,” says Martin. “While traditionally, we think about selling photo frames for award banquets, parties/galas, tournaments, sports matches and the like, consider the everyday events—car test drives, open houses, customer visits, workplace imagery and all of the times people are together building relationships.”

Martin has been surprised by some of the fun, creative ways that distributors have sold photo frames and folders and even proposes a challenge: “The best ‘memorable moment campaigns’ submitted by Advantages readers with Warwick frames and photo folders will be used in our future ads, and orders mentioning ‘Advantages – Sell Warwick Photo Frames’ article on their purchase orders will receive 10% off!”


  • Veterinary clinics mail pet owners framed pictures of their pets as reminders of annual check-ups.
  • The Air Force Academy used frames as an invitation with a dinner menu to the cadet ball with a promise of a framed photo for attendees to take home. 
  • Realtors photograph special houses and send framed photos to their “short-list” prospects imprinted with, “Imagine yourself in this luxury mansion!”

From the 2009 Advantages September Supplement.

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