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Sales Dish of the Day: Use Product Safety As A Selling Point

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As a distributor, it’s crucial that you understand product safety laws and your clients know what is at stake.

The first step for any distributor is to get a handle on the products they are selling. Tonia Allen Gould, the head of Tag! The Creative Source (asi/341358), says, “I always play with items, especially the quirky ones. I received this squeeze solar flashlight and it fell apart into a zillion pieces in my hands. That will never get shown to a client.”

Understanding which factories produce what products and their testing procedures is important, says Michelle Rallo, president of Corporate ID (asi/168943). “A lot of factories are making products free of toxins. I haven’t had trouble finding safe products that people were looking for.”

“In this commodity industry, where customers can buy the same product from virtually any distributor or supplier, knowledge of product safety and compliance is a critical distinguishing factor and a major value add,” says Rick Brenner, president of Prime Line (asi/79530). “In this environment, the distributor who understands product safety and compliance issues thoroughly and can impress upon the customer that he or she will protect their franchise – their good name – by making sure that any products sourced are safe and compliant, will have a huge leg up on its competition.”

Also, simply understanding the regulation is a competitive advantage. – Kenneth Hein

— From the 2009 Counselor State of the Industry


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