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Sales Dish of the Day: Sell A Pen To A Pharma Client

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With recently-tightened PhRMA guidelines that disallow doctors from accepting promotional writing instruments as gifts, industry reps have had to come up with alternate strategies. “The days of handing out various products to offset the cost of physician’s office supplies have left us, and as a result, it’s required that promotional product distributors and their suppliers are creative and design, pitch, sell and manufacture an original concept that’s beneficial to both the physician and their patient,” says Jason Emery, vice president of sales for Logomark (asi/67866).

Since filling a new prescription typically requires a piece of paper, a signature and a trip to the pharmacy, Emery says this provides distributors with the opening they need. “Providing a detailed piece of literature to send home with the patient has always proven to be helpful for those who are prescribed medications,” he says. “The writing instrument is now inserted into a custom folio made exclusively for the drug being prescribed.”

Emery recommends a metal pen, rather than a plastic one, to ensure that patients will keep and use it. “In these cases, the folio will be die-cut to suit an anatomical model or chart,” he says. “One should include a writing instrument as well as an informative CD or flash drive describing the reasons as to why the drug was recommended, a detailed explanation of the symptoms incurred and possible side effects involved.”

A branded notepad or stationery that allows the patient to take notes during the physician’s explanation of the medication is another great addition to the folio. “A well-thought-out and exclusive package will ensure the commitment of a pharmaceutical company to the recipient, as well as provide confidence to the doctor when discussing the medication with their patient,” Emery says. – Shane Dale

– From the 2009 Counselor State of the Industry


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