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Sales Dish of the Day: Motivate Reps

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Keeping reps motivated during leaner times is not only essential for company morale, it’s crucial for many businesses’ survival.

One way to keep them performing is to get their competitive juices flowing. An incentive program, formal or otherwise, can help keep reps focused on the task at hand. Tonia Allen Gould recently challenged the sales reps at Tag! The Creative Source (asi/341358) to bring in five new accounts. Those who do will qualify to receive a new laptop. Quickly, one rep opened two new accounts. Gould says the program serves a dual purpose: “It’s to get new orders, plus some people have dying laptops. It’s good to give them what they need to do business.”

“Salespeople by nature are very competitive,” says Robert Tuchman, author of Young Guns: The Fearless Entrepreneur’s Guide to Chasing Your Dreams and Breaking Out on Your Own. “That means they are very competitive with each other. A simple wall of measures or sales office scoreboard can bring out a lot of energy and motivation from salespeople.”

Linda Bishop, author of Selling in Tough Times, says the rewards don’t always have to be about the money. “Not all reps mind making less if they receive other benefits, like extra days off or flexible hours.” – Kenneth Hein

— From Counselor‘s 2009 State of the Industry

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