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Sales Dish of the Day: Sell High-End Apparel Decoration

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Four ways to convince clients on the use of more expensive decoration techniques, from Deborah Jones, founder of www.myembroiderymentor.com, and Joyce Jagger, the Embroidery Coach (www.theembroiderycoach.com):

1. An embroidered garment is more durable than a screen-printed item, so the customer will be wearing it to the mall a year from now, instead of wearing it while mowing the lawn.

2. An embroidered item is easier to care for than a screen-printed item. It can be washed like any other garment without turning it inside out or removing it early from the dryer.

3. Adding one-of-a-kind or exclusive designs to apparel (such as a custom monogram) will raise the value of the item and give customers the feeling of wearing designer clothing without the high-end price tag.

4. Offering uncommon add-ons such as sequins to a pair of jeans or a denim shirt can increase the item’s perceived value much more than a normal embroidered design and can command a much higher retail price. – Shane Dale

— From Counselor‘s 2009 State of the Industry


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