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Sales Dish of the Day: Upsell a T-shirt

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Danny Tsai, vice president of marketing for Tri-Mountain/Mountain Gear (asi/92125), says the key to upselling T-shirts is to convince clients that plain, basic cotton tees are now widely considered “cheap giveaways” that customers are more likely to dry their car with than wear in public. “We all love basic tees, but sometimes, depending on the setting, whether it’s a corporate retreat or a golf tournament, you need something a bit dressier,” Tsai says. “That’s where performance styles come in, because they’re casual and yet perfectly appropriate and presentable for any event involving activity or the outdoors.”

Steve Garst, owner of Proforma Promotion Consultants (asi/300094), says distributors must concentrate on the fact that retail fashion tees are popular with the targeted under-30 demographic. “The 17- to 25-year-olds really like the alternative styles,” he says. “I just think they’re more familiar with the brands, and fashion tees are fit more for their body style.”

Comfort is another key to selling the more upscale T-shirts. “The finer-gauge fabrics are selling for us, along with the softer tees,” Garst says.

Selling clients on the importance of going green is a winning strategy, too, as bamboo or organic cotton fashion tees are a hit with the younger crowd. “Everyone’s green conscious, and there are a lot of good trends there, too,” Garst says. – Shane Dale

— From Counselor’s 2009 State of the Industry


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