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What’s Selling, What’s Not

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With the economy sucking and all, Advantages magazine took a look at some products that are doing well, and some that are not doing well. No surprises of course, just interesting to see what’s HOT and what’s NOT. Enjoy!


Bottom Line: “And go get yourself some cheap sunglasses!”


Bottom Line: Bigger isn’t always better.

Customer Appreciation:

Bottom Line: Hands off, buddy!

Jewelry & Watches:

Bottom Line: “Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?”


Bottom Line: Staycation nation!

— ShadyD

Sales Dish of the Day: Promote Yourself

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Promote yourself by contacting your local chamber of commerce, business associations or industry trade-show promoters and offering to present an informative seminar at an upcoming meeting or event. You can also up your expertise credentials by being published in industry trade journals or association newsletters. Present yourself to the media for interviews or background information.

– From Advantages magazine

ASI Show Chicago Wrapup

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The ASI Show Chicago 2009 has wrapped, and if you missed it you missed quite a show, with lots of videos, awards and happenings. But have no fear … that’s why Team Blog’s here!

Tuesday, July 21, Education Day & Counselor Awards


  • ASI held a free luncheon for industry suppliers, during which a panel of top-selling distributor salespeople shared their insights and advice on what it takes to win their business and their loyalty. Watch a video of ASI’s Michele Bell interviewing Mike Riddle of Top 40 distributor WorkflowOne immediately after their session.
  • At one session during Education Day in Chicago, a panel of distributor experts explored the trends and sales techniques for five fast-changing markets. Counselor’s Dave Vagnoni spoke with Apur Sheth of Evigna (asi/155460) after the session. Watch the video here.
  • In the Wearables University session, “Top Decoration Techniques Decoded,” Ed Levy, owner of Digitize4U, broke down the most popular imprinting methods for attendees, explaining step-by-step how each is done and passing around samples. Watch Nicole Rollender, Stitches editor and director of education for ASI, talk with Ed Levy about why direct-to-garment printing is the imprinting technology to watch.


Counselor presented its annual awards from the ASI Show Chicago Tuesday night.

Counselor Awards Video

  • Watch Editor Andy Cohen interview winners from the Counselor Awards
  • To check out an exclusive interview during the ceremony with ASI President and CEO Tim Andrews click here.
  • And for a firsthand look at the VIP guests as they arrived at the Counselor Awards banquet, click here to see a Red Carpet video from the event.

Wednesday, July 22, Day 1 from the Show Floor

  • Industry organization Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) – a group of 14 suppliers focused on certifying the safety of industry products – recently announced that it is opening up the organization to new members. Counselor Editor Andy Cohen caught up with two members of the group’s board for a video interview to find out about the mission of QCA. Click here to see his interview with Gemline’s Jonathan Isaacson and David Nicholson from Leed’s.
  • Wondering what ASI Chicago attendees were looking for as the headed out onto the trade show floor this morning? Counselor’s cameras caught up with some distributors just before they hit the exhibit booths. Click here to check out the video interviews.
  • Counselor Managing Editor Joe Haley scoured the trade show floor this morning for the latest and greatest products he could find. Click here to see what he found and to watch the Day One episode of The Joe Show from ASI Chicago.
  • In this video, Stitches Editor Nicole Rollender displays some hot sustainable fabric fashions that she found in the exhibit booths this morning. Click here to watch the Day One episode of Fashion Finds from The ASI Show Chicago.
  • After the exhibit floor closed on Day 1, distributors took the opportunity to kick back, relax and continue networking. And, yes, Counselor’s cameras were on the scene. Click here to see our interviews with show attendees as they tried to refuel after a busy day.
  • More than 200 suppliers were drawn on Day 1 to a purple room with Michael Jackson music blaring through speakers. The occasion? A launch party for ASI’s new Pay For Placement product within LogoMall. Click here to check out the scene as Counselor’s cameras got caught up in the fun.
  • Last night, attendees sailed around Lake Michigan on the four-level Spirit of Chicago boat. Our cameras were on-hand as distributors and suppliers enjoyed a full buffet and discoed with their best dance moves. When the boat returned to port, attendees watched a spectacular fireworks display over the Chicago skyline. Click here to see the video highlights from the ASI Show Chicago Gala.
  • ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews presents 6 unique products from the show floor. Watch the video.

Thursday, July 23, Day 2 from the Show Floor

  • Branding expert Harry Beckwith, strategic partner with Minneapolis-based Beckwith Partners and author of best-selling book Selling the Invisible, delivered an inspirational keynote speech on brand-building to a packed ballroom. “Relationships trump everything – the way you treat clients and connect with them is how you build your brand,” Beckwith told the audience of distributors and suppliers. Nicole Rollender, editor of Stitches and director of ASI education, caught up with Beckwith after his speech to find out more inspirational tips. Click here to watch the interview.
  • The ASI Show Chicago exhibit floor was teeming with hot products for the past couple of days. And Counselor Managing Editor Joe Haley was on the hunt for the most unique and interesting items he could find. In this video he shows off eight of the products he found. Click here to see the Day Two episode of The Joe Show.
  • Ready to offer your clients some bling on a budget? In this video, Nicole Rollender, Stitches editor and director of education for ASI, shows off some colorful and unique imprinting methods that won’t break the bank, plus a cool, new layered women’s shirt style that’s debuting at the ASI Show Chicago. Click here to see the Day Two episode of Fashion Finds.
  • ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews presents 4 more unique products from the show floor. Watch the video.

— WRAPstar D

88 Tweets

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Tonight from the Counselor Awards in Chicago, we’ll not only be presenting the prestigious awards including Person of the Year, Distributor and Supplier Top 40s, etc., but we’ll also be launching all the results into the Twittersphere.

That’s right … all 8 Counselor Awards winners + 40 Top Suppliers + 40 Top Distributors = 88 must-have Tweets!

So if you can’t be there at the awards to find out who the winners are, go to twitter.com/asicentral around 11 p.m. EST (10 p.m. Chicago time) and get ready for rapid-fire results! And if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can always click here for all the Tweets coming from The Chicago Show.

— Vin ocho ocho

ASI Internet Radio Schedule from Chicago

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With The ASI Show Chicago almost upon us, I have some good news for all you ASI Internet Radio Show fans!

Not only will we be broadcasting a regularly scheduled show on Tuesday, but we’ve added two additional shows for Wednesday and Thursday, all from the convention floor of the ASI Show Chicago!

But please note the times for Wednesday’s and Thursday’s shows are different than usual:

  • Tuesday, July 21: 10:30 a.m. EST (9:30 a.m. CST, Chicago time)
  • Wednesday, July 22: 10:00 a.m. EST (9:00 a.m. CST, Chicago time)
  • Thursday, July 23, 10:00 a.m. EST (9:00 a.m. CST, Chicago time)

Don’t miss a minute of the action. Click here for ASI Internet Radio.

-Radio Deez

ASICentral @ The ASI Show Chicago via Twitter

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Live from The ASI Show Chicago, it’s ASICentral!

Actually, only one of us — Lil Spice — will be physically at the show, but thanks to social media we’ll be posting all happenings and content — including videos and Counselor Awards winners like the Distributor and Supplier Top 40s — in an easily accessible Twitter hashtag (#asichicago) for anyone to access!

Wait, what? If you’re confused by what I just said, let me break it down as simply as I can.

Suppose you can’t make it to this year’s ASI Show Chicago for whatever reason, maybe the economy’s kicking your arse and you can’t afford to go, but you’re still interested in accessing all the great content that is forthcoming, then all you need to do is click here and you will have everything at your fingertips!!! But how? Through the magic of Twitter and a clever tweet aggragator called hashtagging, each of our tweets can be collected in one place simply by us placing the text #asichicago in each of our posts. Starting early next week, we will be placing the hashtag #asichicago in every tweet that’s show-related so that you can use the aggragator to find them easily. Best of all you don’t even need to be on Twitter to access the content!

Simply click here to find all tweets marked with an ASI Chicago hashtag, or go to the handy Twitter Search tool and type in #asichicago and hit “Search”!

Man, this is too easy.

(NOTE: Our friends at The ASI Show will be doing the same. Follow us both on Twitter at @asicentral and @theasishow)

–tweetLE “D”

New Supplier Webinars Scheduled

Filed under: Education

As part of a new supplier education package, ASI will be offering the New Supplier Webinar scheduled for August 6 during the first week of every month. The presenter information & session description below will be the same each Webinar. This series of Webinars have been scheduled for the following dates:

New Supplier Success: Learn How to Use ESP Online to Increase Sales
Presenter: Candace Hershey
Time: 2:00 pm-3:00 pm
If you’re a new ASI supplier, you need to know how to maximize your products’ exposure in ESP Online, ASI’s online product database — the number one way distributors find the promotional products they want to buy. Join Candace Hershey, ASI’s Executive Director of the ESP Online Information Team, for a dynamic live ESP Online demonstration, where you’ll learn everything you need to know to get your products online and searchable today. When you finish this Webinar, you’ll know how to:

  • Submit your catalog material for inclusion in ESP Online
  • Understand industry pricing codes
  • Review your product data in ESP Online
  • Understand image requirements
  • Learn product data tips to get better exposure, such as using hidden keywords
  • Benefit from supplier ratings
  • How and when to call the ESP Online Information Team for technical help
  • For more ASI Webinars, click here!


Sales Dish of the Day: Add a Twist

Filed under: Sales Dish of the Day

Promotional staples like pens, mugs and keychains are industry favorites because they have wide appeal, but they’re also widely distributed. Adding a twist can make an old stand-by stand out in the crowd. Think about: A mouse pad that doubles as a puzzle, frame or calculator. A bistro cup, latte mug or Irish coffee glass instead of a standard mug. Keychains bearing a small plush animal, mini-camera or USB flash drive. Pens with ergonomic designs, biodegradable materials or add-on features.

– From Advantages magazine

Sales Dish of the Day: Avoid Miscommunication

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To avoid miscommunication, place important terms and conditions right above where a client has to sign your purchase order so that he/she can’t miss seeing the “fine print” to which they’re agreeing. Clarify that by signing, the client acknowledges the terms and conditions.

– From Advantages magazine

Sales Dish of the Day: Boost Sales with Samples

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Boost your sales with samples with these tips: If you’re showing random samples, make sure you don’t show one imprinted with your client’s competitor’s logo. Create free virtual samples on ESP Online or ask suppliers if they can do it for you. Use overruns from prior orders to illustrate success stories of what has worked for others.

– From Advantages magazine

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