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Sales Dish of the Day: Skinny Budgets

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If your client has a skinny budget, highlight what’s both affordable and creative. Items like seed packets make great calling cards. Another idea: You might use a pen as an invitation. Link your products and services with the most critical aspects of your clients’ businesses. Present product options to your clients: most expensive, mid-range and least expensive. When they see how the items compare, price could become less of an issue. Finally, ask your suppliers what they can do for you. Perhaps they can lower the price by doing away with a run charge, etc. You never know, unless you ask.

– From Advantages magazine

Sales Dish of the Day: Slogans

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A slogan can make or break a promotion. In fact, a really clever slogan can turn a so-so product into a “wow!” Here are some tips for brainstorming the perfect tagline: Use humor, where appropriate. Use literary devices, such as rhyming and alliteration. Consider using a play on words. Make it short and sweet.

– From Advantages magazine

Sales Dish of the Day: Stress-Relieving Tips

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Feeling frazzled? Some stress-relieving tips: Enjoy what you do for a living. Finding the most creative uses for promotional products and thinking up new ideas can be a lot of fun. And remember how you’re helping people. Take a break, even if you think you can’t spare one second. Experts say when people take time-outs, they actually get the same amount of work done in less time, because they become more efficient. Maintain perspective. You can only do so much and you can’t control time. Find the humor in stressful situations and remain positive and upbeat. Your attitude just might rub off on people.

– From Advantages Magazine

Hot Product of the Week: Bamboo Bob

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When I think of bamboo, I think of China. And plants. And big, black-and-white panda bears gnawing on wood.

What I don’t think about, however, is clothing made out of what is essentially Mother Nature’s weeds (unless it’s hemp, but then my mind goes in a totally different direction). Which leads me to this week’s Hot Product of the Week! Introducing the Bamboo Bob (Sportailor Inc. asi/88796), compliments of this month’s Advantages’ June Product Showcase.

Details: Bamboo Bob shorts are made from 50% bamboo/50% microfiber. Available in stone, khaki, brass or black in men’s even sizes 32-42.

Why We Like It: Anytime you can inject the word “wood” into a conversation about your pants, it’s a good thing. Add alcohol, and bam! There’s a not-so-subtle joke in here somewhere! (And to boot, these shorts are pretty cool and casual. Hell, I might even wear them.)

— Bam-Boozer

Sales Dish of the Day: Business Cards

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Business cards mean business, so give more than one business card out at a time. Ask recipients to pass the extra along to a colleague or acquaintance who might use your services as well. A referral incentive program makes this all the more effective. Also, turn a useful product into your card. There are many ad specialties that become excellent business cards – nail files, pens, USB drives, magnets, etc.

— From Advantages magazine.

Sales Dish of the Day: Go Viral!

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Use e-videos to circulate your message. Your video should be no more than 20 or 30 seconds in length, because attention spans are short. All you need is a Webcam, computer and link to the Internet. Post your video on YouTube.com and watch the “hits” accumulate. Be sure to include your company’s URL at the end of the piece to drive traffic to your Web site.

From Advantages magazine.

Sales Dish of the Day: LEARN System

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Introducing the Advantages magazine Sales Dish of the Day, a new feature to our blog where we unveil a new sales tip, advice or informative excerpt 5 days a week in the hopes that it will help you do business better. Hope you enjoy!

Got an angry client on your hands? Use the LEARN system:

  • Listen. Let them say what they need to say without interrupting.
  • Empathize. Let them know that you understand how upsetting or frustrating the situation is.
  • Apologize. Apologize for what went wrong, even if it’s not your fault directly. Letting them know you are sorry is always a good step.
  • React. Either fix the problem or try and make it right for your client.
  • Notify. Ensure that whatever happened this time doesn’t happen again and make it clear to the client that what you understand what their needs are.


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