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ASI Store Adds New Products for Suppliers

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Phase II of the ASI Store is now complete, and customers can now purchase — among other products — CreditConnect and LogoMall Network.

More on CreditConnect

If you’re a Supplier and looking to get the most accurate and current data on over 22,000 distributors in the Ad Specialties Industry, look no further than our CreditConnect aisle where we’ve got 4 different packages:

  • CreditConnect Plus ($54.08/mo): This basic package includes detailed industry credit/demographic info on all ASI distributor members, as well as CreditAlert, a daily email service that supplies late-breaking news on bankruptcy filings, accounts turned over for collection, payments on delinquent invoices, returned checks, and monthly past dues.
  • CreditConnect Plus with FastFind ($74.91/mo): This package includes everything in the basic, plus a semi-annual subscription to FastFind, dubbed the distributor “Yellow Pages” of the promotional products industry.
  • CreditConnect Platinum ($124.91/mo): This package not only includes FastFind and CreditAlert, but it will allow you to improve three departments – Credit, Sales and Marketing.
  • CreditConnect Platinum with Prospect Hunter ($166.58/mo): The premium package that includes Prospect Hunter, which helps you do targeted prospecting for new clients and pull lists for mailing campaigns from the entire 22,000 ASI distributor network.

More on LogoMall Network

If you’re a Supplier looking to reach millions of end-buyers and thousands of distributors, then the LogoMall Network ($185/mo) is for you! With this product, you can:

  • Show your products on 9,500 distributor websites
  • Reach 565,000 unique visitors each month
  • Gain sales from 4 million+ page views per month
  • Track your ROI through monthly traffic reports

So what are you waiting for Suppliers? Get Shoppin’!


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