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Hot Product of the Week: Bamboo Bob

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When I think of bamboo, I think of China. And plants. And big, black-and-white panda bears gnawing on wood.

What I don’t think about, however, is clothing made out of what is essentially Mother Nature’s weeds (unless it’s hemp, but then my mind goes in a totally different direction). Which leads me to this week’s Hot Product of the Week! Introducing the Bamboo Bob (Sportailor Inc. asi/88796), compliments of this month’s Advantages’ June Product Showcase.

Details: Bamboo Bob shorts are made from 50% bamboo/50% microfiber. Available in stone, khaki, brass or black in men’s even sizes 32-42.

Why We Like It: Anytime you can inject the word “wood” into a conversation about your pants, it’s a good thing. Add alcohol, and bam! There’s a not-so-subtle joke in here somewhere! (And to boot, these shorts are pretty cool and casual. Hell, I might even wear them.)

— Bam-Boozer


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